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Hey Mates! I have a massive announcement for you… Have you been jumping for Joy with your ability to approach your most desirable women?

Presenting: The London 4WN Spring Break Live Program

So lets talk about what’s exactly in it for YOU…

The London 4WN Spring Break Programme consists of solving 2 major problems 95% of guys are struggling with, which aren’t being solved. It’s highly likely if you’re reading this, you’ve been trying to dig yourself out of these 2 problems.

Until you’ve solved these 2 problems, you can spend thousands of dollars on products & live programs and as a result, fail to even scratch the surface in attracting your ideal women.

Heck, every single one of you reading this is capable of living the life with women you’ve always wished for. Capability isn’t the issue. The problem is No amount of money or 3 day bootcamp can prevent the excruciating pain of seeing your dream girl with her smiling, pristine face and knowing exactly how to approach her. Yet, YOU find a way to miss out on the opportunity.

No longer will you ever have to watch another dream girl stand 10 meters in front of you, know exactly how to attract her, yet fail to even approach. Sign up right now by clicking on the button below, to ensure you don’t spend another second throwing your hard earned money down the toilet on ineffective online programs & worst of all, 3 day bootcamps.

The Real Science Of How to Remove Panic & Distress during Daygame...

Look at the girl to your left. Every single one of you has the ability to see this girl in Trafalgar Square, in London during the day and without thinking, approach her confidently. Yet 95% guys don’t do this.

Instead they hold themselves hostage in their own minds, quitely saying to themselves “she’s not hot enough” and watch her walk off into the distance. Heck, she’ll likely end up with a guy who doesn’t even have the same skillset as you.

Yet he won and you lost because you held yourself hostage, and he didn’t. Is this a situation you’d like to endure for the rest of your life? 

Having coached for a over a decade now, with thousands of students one on one – I can tell you 95% of guys never get out of the hostage mentality.

So what would your life be like if you were able to break free of this hostage mentality you’ve created for yourself? You wouldn’t have to see friends, acquaintances & enemies date women who you feel you deserve to be dating.

It’s a horrible feeling knowing you’d be a much better match for your ideal women, yet you never show women this. Have no horror, no more.

You’ll walk into the program with what seems like an invisible hostage mentality. After 10 days and even after the first 30 minutes, you’ll walk out feeling “This is the easiest thing I’ve ever done. How did I ever make approaching my ideal women so dam difficult…!?”.

The Euphoria you feel when you have this breakthrough will be truly unforgettable. The only people who have this major breakthrough in such a short space of time, are those who attend our 10 day+ programs.

If you want to experience this tremendous breakthrough, then sign up right now by clicking on the button below. The experience of a lifetime awaits you.

Is This Programme For You?

If You Are Serious About Becoming A Guy Who “GETS IT” Then Keep Reading…

At this point, you might be thinking is this program right for me? If that’s the case then you ask a great question. Simply put, if you’re exhausted of failing to spot what seems like invisible dark areas of your game, eliminating panic and anxiety you feel before you consider approaching your ideal girl, then this program is for you.

Look at the image on your left above. Luca is calm, completely at ease and speaking to his ideal girl without a hostage mentality. 5% of guys in the game ever achieve this. How many experiences have you had like the one you can see Luca experiencing above?

My guess, not many. Is that because you don’t have any worth as a man? Of course not. Frankly, the fact you’re reading this really separates you as man.

You’re a man who wants to remove their hostage mentality.

You’re a man who can’t face the torment of letting your ideal girls walk away having failed to even approach them.

You’re a man who understands this simple truth… The agony of knowing how to approach effectively, yet failing to approach your ideal women far exceeds the torture you’d experience than simply not knowing about game at all.

Take action right now and sign up by clicking on our button below. Your transformation awaits you. 




At this point you might be thinking, why should I act now?

It’s actually an extremely simple answer.

Your ability to fail in acting on this program right now completely reinforces the what seems like invisible hostage mentality. This mentality has been tightly holding you back from approaching your ideal women for months, and for some, even years.

You know what’s one of the most horrific feelings you could possibly feel in a night club…? Approaching women who in your eyes look monstrously unattractive compared to your ideal women.

You see your ideal women around the club yet, still stroll up to these monstrously unattractive girls deeply knowing you can’t do any better, yet you rationalise to yourself “they’re good warm up sets”.

The small percentage of guys who do approach stay this way, never breaking out of this type of thinking. Is this what you pictured you’d achieve with women?

Probably not. I have wonderful news for you. You don’t have to feel and experience this anymore. How would you like to only approach your ideal women in a nightclub with a strong conviction that YOU are enough…?

Just picture seeing 15 different women in your night club who you feel are completely ideal for you. These women are completely inline with the women you’ve imagined being with, yet never gotten out of your hostage mentality to approach them successfully.

Even with major anxiety before the approaches, feeling trapped in your own head, we’ll walk you through step by step exactly how to suspend these feelings.

You’re a man who wants to eliminate feelings of anxiety and discomfort in the night club, sign up right now by clicking the button below. Your path to excellence is just around the corner, waiting for you to jump right in. 


In-Depth Debriefing

During Debrief We Break Down Your Current Approaches, Show You Blindspots You Never Knew You Had & Then Teach You How To Eliminate Them, Once and for All

You will remain in a hostage mentality without world class debriefing.

How would you feel if you permanently held yourself in a hostage mentality for the rest of your life? If you’re reading this, you’re not a man who envisions staying in a hostage mentality one second longer.

You know deeply in your heart, you were destined for much greater opportunities in life and especially with women.

Yet you see every single day friends, acquaintances & enemies all around you having better experiences with women than you, yet your frustration has boiled to it’s peak.

You’re no longer a man who will keep himself in the hole you’ve dug for yourself.

You’re no longer a man who sees their ideal women, fails to approach and then fails to understand the biggest, yet most obvious reasons you haven’t been approaching to the standards you know you’re capable of reaching.

We ensure with world class debriefing, you don’t jump right back into the hole you’ve made yourself once the night is over. You’re a man who stays and lives on higher ground.

We keep you on higher ground. Dig yourself out of the hole you’ve created yourself by signing up right now by clicking the button below. This is the last 10 day program I will be running, so take your deserved spot right now. Take it.



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